Meet Our People
They are the most helpful you will find


Our Dentist – Dr Trevor Baret

Trevor has been in private practice since ….. well, lets just say he has lots of experience – his staff is always keen to remind him of his age.

During those (many) years, Trevor has been actively involved in continuing education and the practice of high quality dentistry. He is forever running off to go to another seminar or conference. Although he swears that it is to learn more, Emma reckons that he already knows enough, and that he is just using the education as an excuse for a break away from the surgery.

Computers are not his friend. If the suppliers and manufacturers would put together a good product that actually did as it is intended, then there would be no problem, but there are constant ongoing difficulties with the running of systems both in the office, and at home.

Emma says that Trevor is cursed, then makes him think twice about buying the latest whiz-bang dental technology, which will only cause him grief! Trevor knows who’s boss around here, and she is often right (but not always).

In The Operatory - Emma

Emma has been working with Dr Baret since 2005 and has proven to be a great asset to the practice. You will always be greeted by her smiling face and friendly voice over the telephone.

Emma streamlines the function of the practice, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Infection control is of paramount importance in in any dental practice and Emma is diligent in maintaining the highest level of hygiene for our patients' protection.

The last six years have seen Emma running the practice. This has involved all areas of management, including scheduling, payroll, billing, stock control, ordering and all aspects of banking. She has demonstrated a level of efficiency and professionalism of which we can all be proud.

Emma has also been keen to learn. As a result, she has attended a number of seminars and conferences with Dr Baret, and completed various certificate courses in order to expand her knowledge base. This has made her a great asset to the practice.