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Tooth Whitening
or Bleaching


Over the years, our teeth naturally darken, due to stains entering from the surface, and also due to internal structural changes. It is common for people to want to regain the more youthful, lighter colour that their teeth once had. In many cases, this can be achieved by bleaching the teeth, or "Tooth Whitening".

We use and recommend the latest and most advanced take home whitening systems. These systems includes custom made bleaching trays and the bleaching gel which is used daily for ten to fourteen days. The result after two weeks is excellent and requires a serious commitment for this period.

Regardless of the bleaching system used, teeth will naturally continue
to darken throughout life, so many people choose to top-up their bleach once or twice each year. The take home custom trays can be used for many years, and extra bleaching gel will always be available from Integrated Dentistry.

So come in for a visit, and let us provide you with a beautiful smile.

At Integrated Dentistry, we can take care of your Tooth Whitening or Bleaching needs in Bondi Junction / Woollahra






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Tooth Whitening and Bleaching in Bondi Junction / Woollahra image