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Full Dentures


At Integrated Dentistry, we understand that Full Dentures can be uncomfortable, unstable and sometimes - downright embarrassing. It is always a challenge to make full dentures which keep our patients truly comfortable. These are the appliances which cause the most difficulty of all dental procedures for patients.

However - if full dentures are made meticulously and fit comfortably, then the person wearing them often forgets that they are not the real teeth, and they can go through life eating and communicating normally. This is why we have gone to so much trouble to find the right people to work with to make the best dntures possible.

Do you want to be able to confidently eat anything you like again?

Would you like to be able to smile and laugh without putting your hand in front of your face to hide the falling teeth?

Do you want to chew without the pain and discomfort of a denture rubbing against the gums constantly, and without food constantly catching under the plate and causing you even more pain?

We now have the services of an in-house Dental Prosthetist, who can take you from the traumas of your old, ill-fitting dentures to the joy of being able to smile about your teeth again.

Call us at Integrated Dentistry to arrange a consultation, and we will help you to feel comfortable and confident again, while wearing your new Full Dentures.




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