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Microdentistry is a new approach to the prevention and repair of Dental Caries.

The field of Microdentistry includes:

  • Pit and Fissure Sealing to prevent caries from forming in the fissures and grooves in the biting surface of teeth
  • Early detection and repair of caries
  • Repair of cosmetic defects in front teeth The advancement of Microdentistry has relied on the concurrent development of two new technologies in dentistry – Laser diagnosis with the "Diagnodent", and micro-cavity preparation with "Air Abrasion".


Everyday Fillings and Microdentistry

We now use tooth coloured composite resin for our standard filling material in all teeth. When handled correctly, this material
is superior to amalgam in every way, including appearance.

The pictures to the right show two premolars with Fissure Caries which needs removal and restoration. The blue material around these teeth during the procedure is Rubber Dam or Dental Dam, and is essential for all composite Resin restorations in back teeth.

These pictures show the teeth before Caries removal, after "micro-preparation" and after restoration with Composite Resin. Finally, there is a view of the same teeth one year later

Microdentistry – is the term used to describe the new techniques we have to identify and repair decay at its earliest stages. By identifying decay while it is still tiny, we can remove the decay, and restore the tooth with a tiny composite resin filling. These defects are often too small to prepare with traditional techniques (the drill) so we use “air abrasion” to clean out the decay, then
fill the tiny cavity.

The same technique can be used to remove advanced decay and some old fillings if they are breaking down. Air abrasion can not be used to remove amalgam, as it produces an aerosol of mercury vapour (from the amalgam) which is very harmful to your health.

Because, at Integrated Dentistry, we use the best and latest techniques and materials, we can truly say that every restoration we make is part of our Cosmetic Dentistry Programme.


At Integrated Dentistry, we use the techniques of Microdentistry at every opportunity.

Microdentistry Image 1

Premolars with "Fissure Caries"
before treatment

Microdentistry Image 2

The same Premolars after Micro-removal
of Caries


Microdentistry Image 3

The Premolars filled with Composite Resin


Microdentistry Image 4
The same Premolars one year after treatment using Microdentistry
Microdentistry in Woollahra / Bondi Junction image