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As sciences go, Nutrition is a young one. To put its age in perspective, if the history of the human race were compressed into 24 hours, scientific discoveries began about 12 seconds ago, and nutrition as an organized science emerged only during the last two to three seconds.

While much has been discovered about nutrition in its short scientific history, the road ahead still holds many discoveries in our journey toward optimal health.

Overfed and Undernourished

The human species has existed in something like its present form for hundreds of thousands of years. During that time, the immune system has played a vital role in our ability to weather exposure to parasites, bacteria, viruses, toxins, and other hazards that assert themselves daily by interacting with our bodies.

Each of us has a personal responsibility for our own health.  Health is not just the absence of disease – it is the empowering of our bodies to perform at its optimal level.  As our body's struggle against disease is re-enacted within each and every individual, a person's immune system meets innumerable challenges, foiling countless opponents in a lifetime. A fatal infection often represents the only unqualified loss in a generally victorious campaign.

For a time, it was widely assumed that infectious diseases had been brought under control, especially in the industrialized nations. The appearance of AIDS, and the recent resurgence of tuberculosis, including the evolution of organisms resistant to many drugs, illustrates that the monster was not slain, it was merely asleep.

The study of immunology embraces more than just the nature and prevention of infections. Immunologic research points toward new approaches for protecting against certain diseases that result from lapses or malfunctions in the immune response.  This involves strengthening one’s immune system by providing all of the required nutrients for the cells within our bodies with improved nutrition.

This work provides a scientific framework for examining the chemical organization of living systems and integrating that information into an understanding of how this amazing organism, the human body, functions as a whole.

What can you do to help insure that your body has what it needs in order maintain optimal health? The answer is very complex, but most research concludes that the answer depends strongly on your nutritional and lifestyle choices.

A majority of the illnesses that afflict us are related to nutritional factors (a diet high in animal fat, protein, and cholesterol, and low in fibre), lifestyle (tobacco smoking, excessive alcohol consumption), and the environment (chemical carcinogens, ozone depletion, air pollution, industrial toxins). When it comes to your well being, there are no guarantees.

However, the daily decisions you make may have a tremendous affect on the outcome of your overall health. The better your nutritional status, the better all systems, including your immune system, will be. Commit today to taking the necessary steps towards giving your body the best possible defences against disease.

Why you should consider nutritional supplementation

Our bodies are constantly being assaulted by the damaging aspects of the environment, such as radiation, stress, and the toxic chemicals that pollute our air, water, and food.

Give yourself the gift of nutrition - your cells will love you for it.
Your daily diet must provide the essential nutrients for optimal health and proper cell function. However, research shows that because the foods we eat today are lacking many essential nutrients and most people simply don't eat right, we could be deficient in the nutrients needed to maintain good health.

But the concept of going to the pharmacy or health food store and pulling different supplements off the shelf - whatever seems to be the latest fad - is not the way to supply proper nutrition.

Nutrition must be balanced. 

Quality nutritional products are designed to provide a complete and balanced spectrum of beneficial nutrients to help counteract poor nutrition and to prevent the damage caused by this environmental onslaught.

Healthy cells = healthy bodies.

At Integrated Dentistry, we can help you design a program of nutritional supplements to properly feed your cells and enhance your lifestyle with its specific needs.


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