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Amalgam Replacement in Bondi Junction / Woollahra

Amalgam Replacement
to get rid of those ugly metal fillings


Amalgam Removal and Replacement is a commonly requested procedure in our practice in Bondi Junction / Woollahra.

Amalgam is the silvery grey material which has been used for every-day fillings for over one hundred years.  When it was first introduced, there was not any other material known which could perform the way dental amalgam does.  Furthermore, it was believed that the material was perfectly harmless once it was set.

The word amalgam means an alloy of mercury and another metal.  Dental amalgam is called "silver amalgam" because the other major constituent is silver.  We now know that the mercury slowly leaks out of the amalgam, and is absorbed into the body.  This is believed by many to be harmful to your health, and there is a large amount of research to support this view.

This is just one of the reasons that we at Integrated Dentistry, have not used amalgam for our restorative procedures since 1990.  The modern composite resins are now superior to amalgam in many ways.

We can now make beautiful restorations in your teeth with composite resin, which matches the colour of your teeth, and is stronger than amalgam. 

Many people choose to have their amalgam fillings replaced for cosmetic reasons, and many like the health benefits of replacing amalgam.  Either way, composite resin is the material of choice for all of the simpler restorations. 

For larger restorations, or where a cusp is cracked or has broken away, we recommend the use of porcelain, for extra strength. (see Crowns, Facings and Inlays)

So, for your Amalgam Removal and Replacement, come in to see us at Integrated Dentistry in Bondi Junction / Woollahra



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